The Great UK Social Tour: please tell me your story!

The first thing people asked me when I told them about my plans about travelling the coastal boarders of the UK was ‘Are you in your midlife?’. Well, in fact I am. But the idea was already crossing my mind a few years ago. And since last week, after talking to a bunch of nice people, I decided to do it. So what exactly is the big plan?

Tell me your story and let me to do something authentic!

From april till july 2016 I will be travelling across the coasts of the UK. I will be starting in Dover I guess and will travel counter clockwise the entire coast of England. Why? As I am a community manager, blogger and storyteller I’m eager to talk to people and listen to their stories. Everyone has a story to tell and I’m searching for great and unique one-to-one conversations. So what are the key points?

  • I’m setting up a roadmap. During 3 months I will be visiting at least 75 places in the UK, mostly nearby the coast.
  • Everyone can give me orders to do something authentic in a town/city. That could be an event, preparing a meal, visiting a building, whatever…
  • Missions should be announced by social media. You can follow me @Chief_Social. If you’re on my roadmap, or you would like to talk to me, give me a sign!
  • I will be (video)blogging all over the three months. Because sharing is caring. I guess the hashtag will be #TravellingLuke
  • If you would like to give me some shelter for a couple of days, please feel free. I’m happy to cook you a Belgian, Italian,.. meal or give some help in your store or whatever. It’s by talking that we learn to know eachother. If you’re working in a communication agency or living on a farm, it doesn’t matter!
  • I’m thinking about combining my trip to ‘Bone4Kids’ and ‘Brovember’. You can find more information on I will be shaving my face on the first day of my departure but will let grow my beard untill I’m heading back to Belgium. All extra’s will be donated to this fund. If you’re a barber, give me a sign!
  • All events will be covered in an illustrated book I will be publishing by the end of 2016. People who are willing to talk to me or are open to give me accomodations for two days will be part of the bigger story and will get a free copy!

So, it’s at this moment a bit pre-mature, but I’m open for suggestions. Please feel free to share this story and I’m hoping your story will be mine in 2016. If you would like to sponsor me, drop me a line at A smartphone, a small car for three months,… everything will be accepted as a commercial gift and you will get full coverage in return. Nice, isn’t it?

Well, that’s it for the moment. You can find more personal information on and I’m looking forward to meet you and make something special about it!

Creatieve, lankmoedige agrariër // Schrijft, bedenkt, tekent en realiseert (zich vaak dat het ook anders kon).

Creatieve, lankmoedige agrariër // Schrijft, bedenkt, tekent en realiseert (zich vaak dat het ook anders kon).